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About Redcab


RedCab LLC has been observing the transformation of car sharing and transportation industry during the past 8 years from technical and social side.

For the past year the research has started by the founders to build the first global transportation community and introduce a new business model based on sharing economy and community development, and on the other side build a profitable business based on data monetization from Geo Ads.

RedCab LLC believes in the power of community when they have the right tools and the firm operation expansion becomes a matter of time.


RedCab LLC

Business features

Sharing economy

RedCab LLC aims to provide a unique service with a seamless payment and utility options to facilitate the community business and transactions.

Business Model

More income for drivers, more savings for customers, and a monetization model based on utilizing data for specialized and tailored Geo-Ads.

Business Plan

A concrete roadmap focused on customer experience, leveraging blockchain technology, and driving profits through data mining.

Redcab Business community

Business 2 Business

Pre-scheduled private limousine, taxis and delivery fleet to guarantee availability for airport travelers, hotel guests & restaurants’ customers. An important business meeting or a Summit, RedCab business is there to save the day.

Redcab Freelance community

Peer 2 Peer

Redefining the future of peer-to-peer transportation by removing the middleman’s cut. The driver makes 100% of the fare, and the customer pays only the cost.



We are shifting the future of digital marketing and Geo Ads while moving people.


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